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Concert of the ensemble “Minsk-Classic” with the program “MUSIC OF FORGOTTEN CINEMA”

February 18 – Minsk-Classic ensemble’s concert with the program “MUSIC OF FORGOTTEN MOVIE”

In the concert hall “Upper City” a concert of the ensemble “Minsk-Classic” will take place under the management of the winner of numerous international competitions, the grant of the President of the Republic of Belarus for talented youth Maxim Rassokha. This time the musicians will present a new, very interesting and informative concert program – “MUSIC OF FORGOTTEN CINEMA”.

The program was based on music from films made at the studio “Belarusfilm” of the 60-70’s. years; films on which not a single generation of people grew up and remember them from childhood. Films in which the beloved and outstanding actors of the Secular Union starred: Yevgeny Evstigneev, Mikhail Pugovkin, Rolan Bykov, Elena Sananaeva, Georgy Burkov, Georgy Vitsin, Alexei Smirnov, Lyudmila Senchina, Natalia Selezneva, and others.
The concert will feature music from the cph: “After the fair, Pavlinka”, “Spring Fairy Tale”, “The Last Summer of Childhood”, “Sasha-Sashenka”, “The Trojan Horse”, “Three Funny Scenes”, “Last Year’s Quadrille” “Wild Hunt of King Stach”, and others.
The films are different, shot by different directors in different years, but they are united by the fact that the music was composed by the outstanding Belarusian composer, People’s Artist of the USSR and the BSSR Evgeny GLEBOV. One of the few composers who managed to masterfully open and fill with content any character image, scenes of folk festivals, philosophical reflections, scenes of sadness and love. Its cinema music is in truth the property of the national Belarusian culture, it is so self-sufficient and diverse that it allows it to be performed separately from the film, preserving its color and clarity for the listener.
This music can be heard only in films, unfortunately, rarely going on the TV screens. The uniqueness of this concert program “The Music of Forgotten Cinema” is that for the first time in a single concert there will be performed music written exclusively for films.
The cost of tickets 9.00-16.00 bel.rub. Cashier: +375 17 327 39 44 Info: + 375 17 327 35 84