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Quintet “Woodwind friends” with the program “Sempre giocoso”

September 28, 2014 in the Small Hall. G.Shirma of the Belarusian State Philharmonic will host a concert of the wind quintet “Woodwind friends” with the program “Sempre giocoso”, which in Italian is “always playful …”.
The ensemble will perform works of humorous, cheerful character, composers of different countries: V. Mozart, J. Bizet, K. Sen-Sans, S. Moniuszko, J. Strauss, P. Tchaikovsky and others. Little-known and rarely performed works of Byelorussian composers of the 20th century-Y.Belzatsky, E.Glebov and G.Vagner will be performed.
The highlight of the concert will be the world premiere of the contemporary Israeli composer Yuri Povolotsky “Yes, My Dear Fyufu!” Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest comedians of the world cinema, French film actor Louis de Funes.
“Woodwind friends” – a young team that combines the inexhaustible creative potential of professional musicians, based on brightness, virtuosity and emotionality …