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Application for competition Ensemble

Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until April 20, 2019

If for any reason you are unable to send an electronic application, please contact us – info@Riviera-Art.by

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  • Fill in if the link to the video is sent along with the application for the competition. If the video is sent later, write - "Link will be sent later". In this case, the record should be sent no later than January 25, 2018. If the entry is not sent before January 25, 2013 - the fee will not be sent. Before sending, check the link for downloading the competitive video recording so that the video is opened or downloaded
  • Принятые типы файлов: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    Attach a scanned copy of the document of the adult representative of the Ensemble sending the application and paying the organizational fee. It is accepted in formats jpg, gif, png, pdf, no more than 3 mb
  • Принятые типы файлов: jpg, gif, png.
    Valid formats - jpg, gif, png, size up to 2 mb
  • Перетащите сюда файлы или
    Принятые типы файлов: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    Attach Scan copies of documents of all participants of the ensemble, confirming the age of the contestants (birth certificate, passport). Photo in formats jpg, gif, png, pdf, not more than 5 mb (all)
  • Read the contract of the public offer, if you read with all agree - click mouse in the box and continue to fill the application. If you have any questions - please contact us through the "Contacts" tab. If the Terms and Conditions do not suit you, please do not submit an application for the competition. Public Offer Contract
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